Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Each member of the platform is registered by a unique email address and payments details! When you add a payments card, you need to pass a complete verification. If fraud is suspected, the company reserves the right to require the full identification of the member and freeze the account until the circumstances are clarified.

Withdrawal of funds is completed by the company up to 7 calendar days for all payment systems!

The members can earn just on the growth of the CP asset without invitations and building any team!

The CP asset is only traded on the Circle internal P2P exchange, from person to person! The company will announce, if a CP asset will be released on other exchanges.

The CP asset is backed up by the demand among the participants and its use in other financial fields of our platform.

Stable growth of the CP asset is guaranteed by the exchange rate calculation principle. Each closed sell order increases the price of a CP asset on 0.1%.

The company is not responsible for the loss of funds in cases of unauthorized access to the account by the third party due to the members negligence as: absence of 2F2, selection of the simple account password; change password through hacking members email or when transferring entry data to the third parties.

Make sure that the payment details are filled correctly. Make sure that the 7 days withdrawing rule is expired! If everything is done correctly, but the money did not arrive, contact the technical support!


Yes! The participant will be able to upgrade their status using the funds received from the CP asset sale.

Yes – all data of purchases / sales of the CP asset are visible when you are logged in to the account!

Use the password recovery feature to restore your password. If this doesn't help, contact the technical support!

The participant is able to place sale order in the range of 1% to 10% of their CP asset balance and with a minimum order amount of $10 at the current CP rate.

The technical support accepts the requests seven days a week 24/7. Tickets are processed within 48 hours.

Members can use company logo and other advertising tools developed by the company in their own promotion materials and social networks.

The limits according to member status are being applied only.

The member is able to cancel withdrawal request in the "Finance" section.

See the link on the site main page.

The limits according to member status are being applied only.

The member will be able to register partners and receive referral rewards in accordance with their status, before purchasing the CP asset.

A member who has made a status upgrade will receive referral rewards from deeper levels that were previously unavailable. Only from the moment of upgrade. All referral rewards accrued from deep-level partners before the status upgrade are have already been distributed in the network and are not subject to redistribution!

There will be no additional issue of the CP asset! The number of CP is final and unchangeable!

Cancel the withdrawal request in your profile! If you can't do this for any reason, contact the technical support!

The member can open a ticket to technical support for this issue.

The minimum purchase amount for a CP asset is $10.

The company charges a fee of 1% from the CP asset seller, in US dollars.

There is no possibility to transfer a CP digital asset between the accounts.