The terms of conditions


1. Introductory provisions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) is applicable to any user / customer (hereinafter “user”) of

the (hereinafter “website”), which is owned and operated by Circle.Promo - a legal entity

established under the Law of European Union (hereinafter the “Company”)

These Terms is a binding Agreement between user and the Company. All users of the Website agree with this

Terms by using the service of the Company or by signing up. If you don’t agree with the Terms, please, leave

the Website now.

2. Restrictions

Any use or access to the website by anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited.

We do nat accept registrations from users younger than 18 years old. We do not provide any services,

products or features for user younger than 18 years old. If you are under 18, please leave this site now.

According our AML Policy we do not allow to use our service certain customers.

We do not support certain countries such as USA. If you are US citizen or have bank account in USA, using our

Service is violation of this Terms.

We do not provide our services to users which have unexplained suspicious activity.

3. Terms acceptance

Company is not obliged to inform User about any change in this Terms. User accept the change of the Terms by

the first sign in or Company service use after the change was made.

By using our website, user provides his consent that he accepts and agrees to be bound and abide by these

Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, please leave the Website and do not use

any of Company services.

4. Leaving the Website to another site

There are some third-party links on the website. Company is not responsible for the terms of use or content

of such third- •party websites. We encourage you to be aware when you leave the website and to read the

terms of use of each and every website.

If you decide to Cooperate with the Company (thru any of become “Become a partner” offers) for example as an

Agent or Service Partner, this cooperation is determainated by an extra Service Agreement between you and the


5. Service Description

Fundamental features of the Company services:

Company offers services in connection with virtual goods and a digital asset.

These services are destined for a “character” that the user operates in an virtual goods and a digital asset or for an virtual goods and a digital asset user account. Company provides the user with “virtual goods and a

digital asset” that mainly consist of virtual valuables, with which the user can equip his character or account.

Company does not offer virtual goods and a digital asset of which we know or have reason to believe that

they were acquired by means of so- •called “cheating” (acoring to our AML Policy).

6. Transactions and operations

The Customer is responsible for providing valid and accurate information needed to process and complete

payment transactions. Company takes no responsibility for the payment transaction if the information provided

by Customer is incorrect.

The Customer must be informed that transfer of funds to a wrong bank or payment account as a result of

providing the incorrect payment instructions by the Customer is not reversible and Company takes no

responsibility for such payments.

Company is responsible to complete transactions on the website Company. Company also has the right to

access information about the course of transaction in Company system 24/7.

The payment of services provided by Company is carried out by the Customer according to Company

service rates. Company has the right to change these rates when it is needed.

Company doesn't send payments to third parties. All payments can be sent to e-•currency or cryptocurrency

account that belongs to the person placing the order. Bank transfers are not sent to third-•party bank account as


Company is not responsible for any loss or damage, resulting from a delay in bank transactions or electronic

money transfers of the Customer, if the day of sending or the days after sending are not business days in the

country of Company partner-•participant, that is the receiver.

Company is not responsible for mistakes, omissions or delays of payments made by banks, serving

Company partners-•participants, by a correspondent bank or e-•payment system as well as it is not

responsible for the consequences caused by their financial state.

The Customer has to read and agree with all fees explanation that are described on the website of each order.

Company is not held liable for any additional fee charged from the customer by any payment system.

Time frame for each order is described on the website of each order as well as in the Knowledge base section.

User agrees that orders are completed within set time frames.

7. Aditional Terms

Company has right to have regular software and hardware system maintenance. During techni cal maintenance

access to accounts can be partial or website can be fully inoperative. Company is obliged to inform users about

the technical maintenance in advance. The announcement about technical maintenance has to be placed on the

website in the section “News”, in news publications and messengers.

Company is not responsible for any damage occurring in connection with technical maintenance.

Company is not responsible for emerging force majeure, when the Service can stop its work for indefinite

time frame. Examples of force majeure situations include: natural disaster, power failure, failure of

hardware or software system equipment Company, hacker or virus attack on system Company, system

overload, serious disorder hardware device or software system equipment, serious failure of hardware or

software system, loss of Internet connection, violation or breach of the protection of electronic

communications networks or its safety, damage to the Account, the Account virus attack, etc.

The Customer has to provide his/her real personal details when placing orders with credit/debit cards. Full

name has to be indicated as it is given in the national ID card/international passport.

8. Partner program

Other ways of partnership stated in “Partner network” except using reference link is determined by an extra

Agreement. Designation “Partner” in this paragraph is user who shares the referal link with 3rd party at least


All Partners having Referrals will be given bonus according to their Current level bonus rate.

All Partners are welcome to use our Advertising materials which can be placed on websites, forums, blogs, etc.

excluding illegal websites.

The Partner can attract as many referrals as possible.

Once Partner has self-•created Referrals (accounts registered from the same IP address or equipment or

orders placed from the same IP address or equipment) will not be awarded.

Abuse of rules of Partner Program may result into cancellation of Partner bonus rate, seizure of reward

bonuses and/or account freezing.

Company reserve the right to change Partner Program at any time.

9. Termination. Refunds.

Company may terminate performing of the service or send a refund immediately if:

a) The purpose of payment transactions and the source of funds used for payment transactions are

restricted or prohibited by applicable anti- •money laundering policy.

b) Funds were sent under the different name which does not match Customer's name.

c) Client is trying to send funds to third-• party account.

d) Third party payment was accomplished. For example, someone else sent wire transfer or money

transfer to Customer's payment account.

e) The purpose of payment is not clear.

Company has also a right to refund Customer's funds without mentioning the reason.

Company has a right to refuse providing the service if Customer refuses to submit required verification

documents, or verification of the Customer's identity is not complet ed. Also if there is a reasonable

suspicion that verification documents provided by potential Customer are invalid or illegally modified, what

means fake.

Company provides services of exchange of electronic payment system units, between each other and into

the international monetary funds (international currencies), also vice versa.

Company has a right to refuse supplying the service without mentioning the reason to any person which

he/she will be informed of in the written form.

Payments are final and not reversible except those cases which are provided in Terms and Conditions.

10. Limitation of Liability

The liability of Company for contractual breaches of duty as well as offense is limited to criminal intent and

criminal neglect. This does not apply for injuries of life, body or health of the user or claims regarding breach

of cardinal obligations or compensation for damage caused by delay. In the aforementioned respect,

Company is liable for any degree of fault. In no event, the Company will be liable for indirect, incidental,

special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, including lost profits, lost data, personal injury, or

property damage related to, in connection with, or otherwise resulting from any use of the website. Company

shall not be liable for any damages, liability or losses arising out of:

1) user use of the website;;

2) illegal use of the website of any user.

These Terms and Conditions do not aim to limit liability or restrict your rights as a user that can not be

shortened by the Applicable Law.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

User agrees that any dispute arising out of or relating to the website, these Terms and Conditions, or any

content posted to the website, will be governed by the laws of Czech Republice.